Eating Disorders in Sport: A Huge Bite to Swallow

Image credit: RB Shoots

Why you should reframe how you speak about food.

I remember observing the mums at my school gates comparing pounds lost or gained (or kilos for you Europeans). The men? They were usually more interested in the recent football or rugby. Are these stereotypical, and outdated observations? Well, yes, and no. They are stereotypical, but we still observe them today. It’s not surprise that …


“I want to go on a diet for the new year”. I froze. Please, no. Another girl lost to diet culture. A victim I hadn’t thought it would claim. But then, no one expected it to trap me either. I shook my head, and looked at her, pleading. At least I was trying to look …


I mean relationships in the broadest sense – friendships, romantic, family. They are some of the best things about life… and also the most hard work. My eating disorder, and other mental health problems throughout my life, have brought me closer to some people but pushed a lot away. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, …

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